The Musical Drug!

May 29, 2014 by

“What is the difference between a rocker and a jazzman?    A rocker plays 3 chords in front of 3000 people, where as, a Jazzer plays 3000 chords in front of 3 people.”


I know this is just a joke, but the reason it is funny is because it is often true.   This is something I think about a lot actually.   Obviously it is not the number of chords the bulk of people are listening to, or are interested in.  So what is it that people want to hear?


I was listening to Stanley Turrentine performing ‘Sugar’ Live.  I started to really get lost in listening to his solo…it grabbed me and sucked me in.   Then I realized he had been playing three single notes in various rhythms for quite some time.   I was grooving to three notes being played over and over.  It was the inflections in the notes.  The way he grooved in the rhythm of the notes.   Then later he stuck to one note and just put his soul into it.  These were my favorite phrases in his solo. 

Music has the ability to grab our guts and twist.  It’s not just the notes.   It’s not just a time signature.  It’s the mood the musician is in.  The musician’s soul somehow gets amplified and projected through their music.  We connect to that.  So when the musician is ‘in the pocket’ their audience connects to that.   And everyone loves that!   It brings out the depth of our aliveness inside and lets us experience parts of ourselves otherwise relatively hidden.


Listen to any of the great recordings and you can ‘feel’ this.  The album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis sold more albums than any other until it was outsold by Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.   Listening to Kind of Blue this magic is evident.   No one can argue its greatness….and its not just the notes!   There is a mood and depth to the album.   

Top musician’s dig deep.  In my humble opinion this is what makes a musician great. This je ne sais quoi is what we all want to hear.   I often ask great musicians about the spirituality in their music.  Many can then wax poetic for ages.  But many answer that they are not spiritual people.  But then following that statement they talk about how the music flows through them from something bigger than themselves.  Or how the music seems to play itself the more they get out of the way.  Or how they feel one with the other musicians, etc.  I both want to cry and laugh at these times.  I want to cry because the beauty of what they share so moves me.  And I want to laugh because if that’s not spiritual, then I have no interest in spirituality!

Whatever this experience is, it’s addictive to both the musician and their audience.  Making equipment that helps musicians freely ‘go there’ is my addiction!    In my opinion this is a healthy addiction for all of us.  May we all enjoy being a junky to this kind of musical drug!

Blessings, Theo Wanne


My first Spiritual Blog in a loooooong time;)

April 18, 2013 by

This is my first spiritually minded blog in a long time.   This is because my life has gotten very practical, as I have needed to get my wits about me while running a business.

The beauty of being a businessman is the need to be extremely real.  There can be no illusions, fantasy, or ‘fudging’ of the facts.  Everything must be seen as it is.   Only then can appropriate action be made.   For this reason my spirituality has become extremely practical.   And my mission has become very clear.

Part one of my mission is to create musical instruments that promote a sense of freedom to the musician.  This is in the hopes that said musician will experience inner bliss and expressiveness in themselves more, and the listener will be transported to that place while listening.   The second part of my mission is to make money.  Only by being profitable can I continue the first part of my mission.

Biz Man

In the start of my journey as a manufacturer my focus was on part one of my mission.   But soon I realized how temporary that part of my mission would be if I went out of business.  This required me to take responsibility for aspects of the business I never dreamed possible for myself.  But as I took greater and greater responsibility I discovered greater and greater power.  I discovered abilities within myself I never thought possible before.

I also discovered that to be responsible I needed to make good decisions.   To make good decisions requires ‘clarity mind’.  Clarity mind is a sense of clarity of observation looking past ones opinions and feelings to see things simply as they are.  This means overcoming defensiveness, anger, righteousness, desire, and expectations. Meditation has become invaluable to me in this regard.  In the silence and emptiness, clarity and clear sight are found.   In that clarity are the correct answers!

When acting from clarity and responsibility I have found a divine power and flow that is magical.   This is allowing me to design products better and run a business better.   I am still learning, but this process is obvious to me now.


Practically speaking a new mouthpiece design that might have taken me a week to create might only take an hour now.  With ‘clarity mind’ the knowledge of what to do next is just there.

It is fascinating to me how I don’t talk spiritually much anymore.  I think this is because all my spiritual tools are being used to create tangible physical results in life now.    So they do not seem ‘spiritual’ or in any way separate from other tools, such as milling machines, or the Internet.   Spiritual tools are simply a different type of tools that gets real results if used properly.


Blessings, Theo

I’m very excited about our GAIA Jazz clarinet mouthpieces!

August 22, 2012 by
Hi Everyone, 
I noticed we were totally sold out of our GAIA Jazz Clarinet mouthpieces for almost a week, but the team managed to get them back on the machine and we now have plenty in stock (sorry if you had to wait a few days, they’re shipping now!). 
Not enough has been said about how truly innovative these pieces are: there hasn’t been this significant a change in clarinet mouthpieces in decades. Our GAIA Jazz Clarinet offers unrivaled chamber design, providing huge tone and more volume than any other clarinet mouthpiece available. And it doesn’t sacrifice intonation to do it. The baffle, floor, and window work together to give the player an even, thick, warm tone that won’t thin-out even in the upper register.
GAIA Jazz Clarinet Mouthpiece
It’s a remarkable mouthpiece and a powerful addition to anyone’s clarinet sound, and it’s something only possible with the five-axis machining technology we’re using for our inspired pieces.