Construction of our New Sax Stand


While my woodworking abilities are rather infantile I do enjoy a little tryst in the woodworking shop. So, needless to say, I had a great deal of fun building the first two prototypes of our new Home-Sax Stand.


I used simple Cross-Lap joints for their construction, in that each connecting piece has a female notch that fit into another female notch…making the two pieces flush when put together.


When we took my two prototypes to our professional wood-worker we were perplexed in the way he decided to join the connecting pieces of wood. He used a mortise & tenon joint, such that the “male” part of the joint (called the “tenon”) and the “female” member (the hole cut into the wood) is the “mortise”. The two pieces, when press-fit together are totally flush such that they seem magically joined; there are no joints showing. Being that we are using only premium solid hard-woods like Walnut and Curly Maple, the flush joints are incredibly beautiful.


But the real question is, is it strong? So it is not surprising that my first words, after seeing the stand, were, “OK, it looks great, but is it strong enough to hold very valuable instruments?” Our wood-worker glared at me, then, with his whole body weight on his hands he jumped up such that his body was being supported by the fragile looking posts coming out of the sax-stand. These posts will be what hold the bell of the saxophones. He just hovered in the air – his whole two-hundred pound frame being held up by the tiny hidden mortise & tenon joints. There were no screws….or glue….the post was only pressure fit!
I must say, I was impressed. “So,” I said, “I think we found our new construction method!”


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