Launch Day!


The excitement here at Wanne, Inc. is palpable to say the least. I must say I personally feel very proud of our new website. I am very happy to release a lot of new vintage mouthpiece information and some new innovations into the musical world. I think the thing I am most proud of though, is the AMMA mouthpiece.

Many of my fondest memories are watching the grin on musicians’ faces stretch from cheek to cheek as they played a mouthpiece they truly felt at home with. I am honored to have worked with people to help that happen. I truly believe the AMMA will have that same effect, and must admit I have great anticipation of watching many more grins to come.


8 Responses to “Launch Day!”

  1. Marco G. Visconti-Prasca Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I was wondering if you have made a baritone saxophone model of your new mouthpiece.
    Marco V.P. .

  2. Sam Says:

    Theo –
    Can’t wait to check out the mouthpiece – they do look great to the eye.

    Here’s a small thing to look at… In the description of the mouthpiece cap you describe the reed as being made of “bamboo cane”. I’m sure you know this, but bamboo is a tree, while cane is a grass. Woodwind reeds are made from cane.

    Also, there is one instance where the ligature is described as being attached to the “saxophone” body instead of the “mouthpiece” body.

    Great site – best of luck.

  3. jeff coffin Says:

    hey theo! whats up? man, its great to have you back out there! i am still loving my soprano piece i got from you a few years back and have used it time i play soprano including every bela fleck & the flecktones gig and recording since! everyone who has played it, including branford (m on tenor him on soprano – on our duet recording on “little worlds”) has loved it! hope to catch up soon. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! much peace, jc

  4. Neony Says:

    “The excitement here at Wanne, Inc. is palpable to say the least”……….
    Well so it is here!! And I’m waiting so for that grin.
    6/21/07 seems such a loooong wait.

  5. Cok van der Blom Says:

    Hello Theo,

    Great to have you back in the world of sound of the greatest instrument on the planet. Your way through all this pain during your illness amazes me. All of that must have made you much stronger, witch is great.

    Your site is wonderfull, and i can hardly wait on 6/21/07.

    Regards and good health

  6. Giganova Says:

    Good luck with your new venture! Your site looks fantastic!

  7. Thomas Heimes Says:

    Hallo Theo,
    congratulations to the relaunch and in particular the AMMA: the attributes described sound very promising and first of all UNIQUE! I am looking forward to play it on my Sax.
    (And by the way: bamboo of course is a grass! 🙂 )


  8. gary Says:

    yes bamboo is in the family Poaceae, in the Class Liliopsida of the flowering plants. A true grass.

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