Tip Opening Gauge


We are finishing up our new Tip Opening Gauge. We will sell it with either a standard (inexpensive) dial gauge or a much easier to read and use digital gauge. The market really needs an easy to use tip opening gauge so I feel very happy about being able to provide one. We will have a whole spec sheet on this soon as well as for our glass gauge and feeler gauge set.


6 Responses to “Tip Opening Gauge”

  1. gian Says:

    ou will have… you will have… when?
    thanks. gian

  2. Hyunki Says:

    would like to buy it.let me know how can i buy it. Thanks. Hyunki

  3. Mike Vaccaro Says:

    I would be interested in one or two of those. Digital.

  4. renaissance_man Says:

    Wonderful. I’m an analog kind of guy, so my preference would be the dial. Sounds great, though.

  5. Rex Olsen Says:

    Theo –
    Put me in the order que! I NEED one of those.

  6. Steve Sarandos Says:

    Theo, I have heard many good things about you from my mentor Bob Carpenter. I have learned all I know about refacing from Bob. I still have quite a bit to learn. I am not quite sure if one can learn enough about mouthpieces and how to perfect them. qite frustrating sometimes as I’m sure you know. I would be interested in seeing one of your digital gauges. I hope to get to meet you one day soon. By the way I was the one who sold Dave Tondi the Joe Allard slant sig link last year. I hope he likes it. See you soon I hope. Steve

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