Our products are available!


The ecommerce portion of our site is launching today. I am both excited and pensive.

I am excited to finally start sharing our products. I am very proud of them. Creating them has not seemed so much like work, but more of an expression of fulfilling my purpose in life. I am pensive because I pray they are received well. I know that no one product is right for everyone. So I pray our products find those who will truly benefit and be inspired by them.

I have taken a long time to make the AMMA and have given my brother many patience building opportunities. I have repeatedly made the decision to take more time to perfect every aspect of the mouthpiece. Yes, I am a recovering perfectionist.

After ordering an AMMA mouthpiece, I will be personally facing and inspecting it. After that, it will be plated. So there will be a short delay before it is sent out.

The AMMA mouthpiece expresses my love of the art of mouthpiece making. I hope it brings you a little closer to experiencing and expressing the beauty of your innermost self. I know making it has done so for me.

Theo Wanne


7 Responses to “Our products are available!”

  1. David Crane Says:


    And all the best of luck and success with your endeavors.

    David Crane

  2. Jim Says:

    Good luck with your online store.

    Would it be possible to see some more pictures of your mouthpieces i.e. the chamber, baffle , etc.



  3. robert carpenter Says:

    Hi Theoo congratulations.. Your new mouthpieces look wonderful .Will have to try one sometime.I know many who are searching. I get up to ur city once in awhile .. Will call

  4. Mike Van Arsdale Says:

    Please forgive my ignorance, but is the AMMA available for tenor only? The descriptions make it sound like a tenor mouthpiece. Is this correct, or is it available for alto, etc?

    Mike Van Arsdale

  5. Frank Southecorvo Says:

    Hi Mr. Wanne –

    I have been really excited about the production of your Amma mouthpieces. I have two questions though. First, what are the tip openings that you are calling 5*,6*,7*,8,8*,9,10,11 ? I’m assuming that a 7* or 8 is .110 ?? Also, do you have a trial period? and do you send out 3 at a time? so that I could compare 3 different tip openings?

    Thanks, Frank Southecorvo

  6. Theo Wanne Says:


    I wanted to thank everyone for their support with the new mouthpiece, and take this opportunity to answer some of the good questions here:

    1. There are more pictures of the AMMA here: http://www.theowanne.com/products/AMMA.pdf Scroll down for a picture of the chamber and baffle. I have taken your request for more pictures seriously as well.

    2. We do have a trial period of a week (after you receive your mouthpiece) for up to 3 mouthpieces at a time. More information is here: http://www.theowanne.com/products/trialPolicy.php

    3. The AMMA is made for Tenor Saxophone

    4. Our tip opening sizes run slightly smaller than Otto Link sizes. Also, because the AMMA is free blowing, it may be adviseable to go up slightly in tip opening when ordering:
    5* = .082″
    6* = .092″
    7* = .102″
    8 = .107″
    9 = .117″
    10 = .127″
    11 = .137″

  7. Jeffrey Beals Says:


    I play Baritone Sax with Jr. Cadillac here in Seattle. I currently use two Bob Carpenter modified mouthpieces; A very old Gregory #5, and an old Dukoff Miami, D8.

    I would love to hear from you about a Bari mouthpiece if and when they are available. Best of luck on your new venture.


    Jeffrey Beals

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