Coming To A Mailbox Near You


For those of you that have ordered an AMMA tenor saxophone mouthpiece I thought you may be interested to see what will be arriving at your doorstep in the next few weeks.

The packaging was printed at a local letterpress shop in Bellingham, WA.  Their tooling is beautiful and the shop has that old world craftsman feel to it.  The beautiful packaging was designed by the same company that created our logo and website.

The linen look of the paper we used reflects the vintage mouthpiece boxs of our vintage mouthpiece collection.  The leather case is a basic single version of our double mouthpiece case.  It is similar in design to the double case but does not have the belt clips or Velcro and zipper pockets. 

We wanted every aspect of the AMMA, including its packaging, to represent the magic we feel it holds.  Here are some pictures of what you will be seeing in your mailbox very soon!

Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 4


One Response to “Coming To A Mailbox Near You”

  1. waSax Says:

    Very nice touch to an already “class act”. I’m really looking forward to receiving the new AMMA mouthpiece. I can see that you make quality #1 in your product line.

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