The New Vintified Liberty Ligature


    What does Vintified mean? We have chemically placed a patina on the ligature to duplicate the natural affects of long term tarnishing. The patina changes the resonant characteristics just like plating does. The Vintified finish enhances the mouthpieces naturally warm vintage sound. The Vintified brass is then coated with our new space-age EPC (even particle coating) to make it safe even for those rare few with brass allergies.

     Once vintified, the tarnish does not penetrate deeper into the brass. Hence, it will keep its beautifully tarnished finish but not damage the ligature.

    The pressure plate is finished identically to the ligature.    

    We will update our store soon to include it, though the Vintified Liberty Ligature is now available. A new Nickel Plate ligature is available as well.

The Liberty Ligature is offered in the following finishes:

  1. Silver Plate – For a more modern, clean sound.
  2. Gold Plate – For a very colorful and warm sound.
  3. Vintified – For a warm yet resonant vintage sound.
  4. Nickel Plate – For a brighter modern sound.

2 Responses to “The New Vintified Liberty Ligature”

  1. john berry Says:

    do you plate the mouthpices vintified also .

  2. Theo Wanne Says:

    We are currently working on using our new finish on mouthpieces as well. Functionally we are a success, we are just experimenting with ways of getting the finish to look even over the whole surface of the mouthpiece. This is just cosmetic though, so I am hoping it will be an option soon.

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