My Wise 4 Year Old


Lately Noah (4 years old boy, who I now consider my son) has been particularly free and full of loving, alive energy. So last night I prayed to know what Noah knew that I didn’t. This morning I heard this conversation between him and his mother, Mindy.

Noah: Why is my (biological dad) in jail?

Mindy: Ummm….pause….

Noah: Wait! I know why! It’s because sometimes his mind tells him, “be mean, be mean, be mean.”

Mindy: Yes, that’s right.

Noah: It’s like my mind sometimes tells me, “there’s a tiger under my bed, be afraid”. But I know it’s not true, so I don’t have to be afraid, even though my mind tells me to.

Mindy: Yes, you are 100% correct!

Noah: My heart has more Powers than that thought!

Mindy: You’re right!


10 Responses to “My Wise 4 Year Old”

  1. Spooner Says:

    Pretty cool. We should all strive to be like children–it seems like they know a lot that we forget.

  2. Phil Patton Says:

    One word………….. Profound!

    It’s great to hear stories like this.


  3. Jason Schwager Says:

    Children are often wiser than we. They have less baggage to get in the way of their knowing. What they don’t yet have is language facility, so we constantly believe, falsely, that we’re smarter.

    Thanks Theo for sharing that. I am passing it on to a preschool teacher I know.

  4. Jurg Muhlebach Says:

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  5. Universal Love Messenger Says:

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  6. Janai Lowenstein Says:

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    It is a humbling 83 minutes to know these human beings who are so spiritually evolved are walking among us. I feel more alive and enlightened each time I watch this movie and recommend it to everyone to become aware of their work and how it can help each of us in our daily lives to heal ourselves, help each other heal, and create a healthier, more enlightened planet.

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  7. Lynne Says:

    I love your blog. I have also watched the Soul Masters film a number of times and it is very powerful. It really gives you insight into the relationship between Master and Disciple and then Master and Master. This is something that as western world people we do not get to witness and probably have little knowledge of. Everyone should see the film and also feel the love, care and compassion that emanates from these two great masters.

  8. Wendy A. Says:

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    I feel honored to share with you. Watch it, digest it, absorb it, apply it and benefit from it. Thank you so much.
    L O V E & L I G H T

  9. Rose Says:

    Soul Masters is an inspiring new Dvd about the miracles created by two physicians/spiritual healers/teachers. The documentary gives an intimate view of the daily experiences of healers, patients and students in their Chinese clinic and in the U.S., and beautifully shares how to use their soul healing method to heal serious physical illnesses, and create miracles! It is an uplifting, empowering, and enlightening film.

  10. No_limits91 Says:

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