Miraculous India


I just returned from India where I was studying with two of my teachers. The trip was miraculous.

In twenty seven years of spiritual study (I started meditating at age 13) I had not yet worked directly with the Kali aspect of the Divine Mother’s energy. I dedicated our new mouthpiece to Kali simply as a sign of respect. Yet at the exact day my brother released the KALI for sale on our website I was introduced directly to the Study of Kali in India. Somehow I find that a bit too exact to be coincidence! Very cool! For more info on our new KALI mouthpiece please visit:

As a child I believed in the type of old testament miracles Jesus did, however, I had never witnessed one. Around the time of my illness the fact that I had not witnessed one started to play in my mind, and I started to doubt such occurrences could exist today. I just couldn’t believe so much pain could be part of the Divine’s master plan. Part of my healing process, however, was the need to regain my faith. I found the only way for my healing to occur was to include all my suffering, and the suffering of others, as part of life’s larger benevolent plan. I chose to belief life really was that big, and that there really was no mistake happening. Now, with faith restored and really no need to see miracles anymore, I have finally witnessed them. Both my teachers performed miracles right in front of me. In fact I am wearing a gold medallion right now that my teacher Amma (Bangaru Adigalar) manifested from thin air right in front of me. So when I say my trip was miraculous, I mean it literally.

The funny thing is that when I saw Amma four years ago while I was really sick I asked him to show me a miracle. He said directly, “No, life is the miracle.” I kind of scoffed at that statement, I think I saw it on a Hallmark Card once, and then actually started to cry out of disappointment!

Before witnessing these miracles though serious testing occurred for me. Even the moments before I went into see Amma my mind and emotions flashed with huge doubt, worry, and fear. I wanted to run away. This is the kind of testing I have come to recognize, for it forced me to recognize and choose my heart over my rational mind. I have come to learn my mind often lies, and really has the ability to justify anything. It is my inner subtle knowing (heart) that has the A+ track record for truth telling. Hence I have found my inner knowing to be more reliable and real than what my mind tells me.

As my faith increases I realize the unseen world is more real than the physical world. The unseen world is the realm of the Divine – intuition, inner knowing, love, peace, contentment, miracles, and magic. Children reside here to a large degree. The seen (physical) world is the realm of solid objects, mind, and emotions. Even though the seen world seems more real to us as adults, it is really governed by huge relativity. Every individual sees life differently; our thinking belongs to us, and us alone.

The less I rely on my mind for answers, but sit in silence and wait for knowledge to be delivered, the better my life works, and the better my answers are. This is very practical to me. I have found meditation to be a far better source of knowledge and guidance than thinking. This is because when in silence I am connecting beyond my mind to life as a whole. So I get answers that are in tune with the whole of life, and guidance way more accurate and pertinent than my thinking mind can comprehend. For example, not long ago I went to bed asking for a good example of this. In the middle of the night I awoke knowing I had to locate my cell phone right way. Instead of ignoring such an odd feeling I got up to look for it. I realized then I hadn’t seen it for over two days and really had no idea where it was. Walking around the house I called my cell phone with the home phone listening for it to ring. Nothing. Then I thought about checking the garage. I walked in the garage stuck my head in my car and heard the cell phone power off. Silence. I heard just enough to know where to look. I found my cell phone under the floor mat in the back seat. If I had waited until morning I would have never found my phone as the battery would have been dead.

Living by intuition first, and facts second the unseen reality becomes more real than the physical, and the experience of life moving in perfection, contentment and peace is had. The truth is we are all living in the unseen world all the time anyway. One might say the big joke is that most of us only believe in the seen world. That is fine, it is just not very fulfilling. I remember the moment I experience myself AS the unseen reality. It was the first time in my life I felt truly whole. Before that I always felt like there was something missing in my life.

I am finally happy to say my life has come full circle:

  1. Faith in miracles and saints.
  2. Doubt in miracles and saints.
  3. Faith for no reason…just trusting my knowing, and knowing that doubt does not work.
  4. Proof of miracles and saints. YAY!

6 Responses to “Miraculous India”

  1. Phil Patton Says:

    Welcome home Theo. Sounds like you had an outstanding trip.

  2. Skip Spratt Says:

    Welcome back Theo. I went to your site looking for information in the “University” – as I often do. Found your new blog instead. You are very deep my friend. Looking forward to the Kali…

  3. Sakthivel Says:


    What AMMA said to you at the 1st instant “Life is Miracle” becomes true now. Now you have witnessed the miracle. It took 4 years to understand the things. It is hard to understand or realize her words and years it will take for us to see the reality of words. Lot of hurdles, confusion and many physical conditions will arise when we go near to her. But our heart should be steady enough and not get disturbed by those feelings, run behind her to get in to her route. Any way thanks for posting your inner feelings. I can understand that your heart becomes very light after witnessing that miracle. I did not feel that much when I heard the news. But after reading this blog I understood my friend.

    My wishes

  4. Marcelo Says:

    The Movie Soul Masters is one of the best movie ever made about true wisdom of the Soul and how we can use today to heal ourself and to heal others. this are not just words but a reality worthwhile. i am living it and at the same time witnessing it from my soul. it is with deep love and gratitude that i invite you to share this wisdom, love, peace and compassion available to everyone in this pursue.
    with deepest love and compassion,

    Marcelo Celis

  5. shankarikali Says:

    This is a great heartfelt post, and I’m happy for you. I hope that I will go to India one day as well.

    Shanti Om!

  6. Shakti Thondan Says:

    Dear Theo! Clarity, Truth, Honesty, and a distinctive expression of ‘Whole of Life’ experiencing the ‘knowledge beyond seen (Gnana)’ in practical manner understandable by a common man – is what I would call your article here. Me coming across this article today at this time is once again a demonstrated proof of AMMA – The Divine Embodiment of AdhiParaShakti (Omnipresent Energy that is the Origin). I got back on track as I was about to derail as I faced a problem today and started the path of ‘Doubt’. I just got answers to some of my immediate issues as I sat it meditation on AMMA after reading this article. What a miracle in daily life? – Thanks

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