(Enlightened) Soul Music


As a teenager Miles Davis’s album Kind of Blue and Sonny Rollin’s album Saxophone Colossus inspired me to no end. Every note seemed perfect. Every phrase seemed like grace. I call this kind of music Enlightened Music or No Mind Music. My life has been the pursuit of playing in this way. Even my major in college was Musical Improvisation as a Spiritual Path.

A friend of mine recently wrote me:

I have to tell you that I had a pretty wonderful experience on Sunday night playing with my Kali.  It was one of those magical times where everything just felt right and my tone and how the mouthpiece felt was totally inspiring me.  I played better than I felt like I’ve played in a long time and just had one of those transcending experiences where the sum of the music that you make is more than its parts.  Very fun and very spiritual for me.”

This is the experience of Enlightened Music! In my years of meditation and musical study I have learned that the qualities of Enlightened Music are:

Not thinking

No Doubt

No Worry

A sense of rightness, correctness, and perfection happening.

A sense of doing nothing. NO CONTROL!

The music just flows through on its own.

Enlightened Soul Music is when our Souls are in control of the music instead of our minds. This is rather simple in concept but can be rather challenging in practice! It means we can have no expectation, attachments, or ‘good ideas’. The mind is not involved with this process.

I have heard the word Soul tossed around my whole life. It has seemed like a metaphor. Recently through my studies with Master Sha though, my Soul has become as real to me as my own body. Very real! In fact my soul in many ways is MORE real because it will not die in the way my body will!

So what is the Soul? It is the energetic part of us that gives direction from the perspective of unity of all life and the accumulated wisdom of all our experience, including past lives. If you don’t believe in past lives, that is not important. What is important is to know that our Souls are connected to, and operate from, a unity with all existence. This is why operating from the Soul feels ‘in the flow’ and why we feel connected to other musicians and the music. This experience can NOT be had while playing music from the mind or analytically.

Our Souls are constantly giving direction. Many people experience this as intuition, integrity, or knowing. Our minds then either agree or disagree with that direction. When our minds agree there is harmony.

My life is a clear example of both. There was a period of time my mind was totally in service to my Soul. I simply watched myself talk and act, never really knowing WHY I was saying and doing anything often until later. I felt one with all of life and every moment felt like perfection. Magic constantly happened around me. I lived in a state of constant benevolent coincidence.

I then fell from grace when one day I chose to feel unworthy and believe there was something wrong with me. This was when my illness got really bad years ago. I have written prior blogs that talk about this. Living in grace, then loosing it, and now learning to return to grace has been extremely educational. I now have an understanding of the process that I did not previously have.

In a nut shell: Our minds can either agree to follow our Souls direction or they can fight to do things their way. Most people follow their logical mind alone. If it makes logical sense to them then they act. The problem with this is that everyone has a different perspective that makes sense to them. This means everyone is living according to their own truth. This is why wars break out.

Integrity: Living by what we KNOW is right, even if we have no understanding as to why, is following the Soul. This is living in integrity actually. Compassion, love, service, and selflessness are qualities of following the Soul’s direction because the Soul experiences itself one with all other Souls. Loving ourselves becomes the same as loving others. This is why service is so important in life. There is no way to feel free without living in service, for it is the natural state of our Souls.

I used to think this meant I had to do community service every day! This belief is why I fell from grace, because I am far from that goal. All it means is to do what we are already doing from a place of service. When playing music, do it to improve the lives and head space of your audience. Just this intention alone is necessary. This intention will most probably lead to further service, but to start the correct intention is all that is required.

The purpose of my work is to support musicians in playing Enlightened (no mind) Music . This is my service and purpose in life. My goal is to have my products and life inspire in this way. It is when I forget this perspective that I get sick and loose my passion in life. This is now crystal clear to me! So this blog is not only to share what I have been learning, but it is also a reminder to myself! Ha!

Note: I have learned a great deal about what I call Enlightened Music from Master Sha’s teaching of Soul Song. More info can be found in his book Soul Wisdom. I thank Master Sha for deepening my understanding of this music which has been the passion of my life.


7 Responses to “(Enlightened) Soul Music”

  1. GeorgD Says:

    If you got a jump on your soul journey from Soul Songs (enlightened music) then, you must move to the next level with Soul Masters movie: http://www.SoulMastersMovie.com
    This film is the culmination of Sande Zeig’s love story for her father who was made compasionately comfortable by Master Sha’s healing as he was in the last years of his life. I say love story because you can see her heart from the view of what happens when she discovers this outstanding Master Teacher.

  2. Jack Prybylski Says:

    Hi Theo,

    I felt compelled to reply to post, if for nothing more to than to acknowledge events that happened this week and are connected. I am a very good friend of Tim Price’s. Tim emailed me on the 18th, saying that he received the two mouthpieces you sent him and that they were “killer stuff”. As a result, I searched out your website today to learn about your mouthpieces and found your post regarding “enlightened music”. I enjoyed your comments and could identify with all of it. The past several months I’ve come to increase my spirituality through reiki. I had a reiki session on Tuesday, and one of the major concepts that came out of that session was “integrity” I appreciated your definition and ideas on the subject and especially the comment about improving the lives and head space of the audience. I will certainly go into my gig tonight with that mindset. Also plan on checking out Soul Song and Master Sha’s book.

    Thanks for the connection!

    Jack Prybylski

  3. Rebecca Calderon Says:

    this is the best movie I ever seing. After i saw this movie I was inspired to learn Dr. Sha’s tecniques for soul healing and become a Soul healer. I am very grateful, because it help me to find more purpose in my life.
    Thank you Master Sha and Master Guo, for sharing your wisdom en enlighten my soul.

  4. MarieLC Says:

    The Soul Masters Movie is a wonderful treasure trove of healing – for the soul, mind and body. The movie chronicles the journey of the Master student back to China to meet with his mentor – Master Guo. The movie is beautiful and heart touching – Master Sha studied with Master Guo for 12 years and is also grandmaster of Tai Chi, Qi gong, Feng Shui, Kung Fu and I Ching. He is now established in the West and has expanded on Master Guo’s teachings. Master Sha’s Soul Songs have wide ranging healing capabilites and will uplift your soul…. a course in Soul Song is offered as well.

  5. Elizabeth Chen Christenson Says:

    This is a fascinating film because it shows the set up and delivery of a health care system which is very different from the United States system. Featuring a famous and successful Chinese doctor Dr. Guo and his clinic called “convalescent center” where people with incurable diseases came seeking for help. The place looks like a big family. Patient lived there, eat there and received medical treatment. It is sort of like living in a wellnss camp and every one just love to be there.
    I highly recommend this film to western and eastern doctors, and wellness practitioners who are interested in learning from the difference as well as general population who are interested in learning self healing and heal others with Soul Mind Body Medicine.
    This film is also benefit for those who are interested in learning Spirituality in Medicine.

  6. Marilyn Smith Says:

    Besides this wonderful movie Master Sha has a new paperback version of SOUL WISDOM which is another treasure for those committed to their spiritual and healing journey, as well as those who may just be beginning their spiritual and healing journey. This version has new teachings, wisdom and many practical suggestions. The reader is guided in knowing how to use the teachings in daily life. Reading this book and using the suggestions truly will transform your life. In addition to all of this Master Sha has included Divine Downloads to assist the reader to accelerate developing the spiritual abilities taught about in SOUL WISDOM. This is a book that a beginner or a serious practitioner will want to have and will want to read many times.

  7. Sally Katzenstein Says:

    The “new” (just released) paperback “Soul Wisdom:Practical Soul treasures to transform your life” is just that: a treasure trove for all serious spiritual seekers- there are layer upon layer, depth upon depth secrets and practices and wisdom. It is a beautiful gift, complete with a bonus CD! for ourselves and for all humanity. Any page you open to brings you to a new unimagined, unimagineable level of knowlege, inspiration, awe- and yes, wisdom!

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