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I had the blessed experience of playing music with Master Sha recently. He sang Soul Song and I played the flute accompanying him. Both of us were freely improvising with no form. Master Sha downloads his music directly from the divine. Needless to say the experience was nothing short of exquisite, amazing, enlightening and terrifying all at the same time.

When Master Sha sings Soul Song his mind is gone. He is operating directly as a channel of the Divine. When I accompanied him I too stepped into this channel and flowed with him. This was a divine experience. The terrifying part was having so much light shine upon my ego. So while my Soul was in bliss and my mind was gone my ego shot out in the form of self-consciousness and worry about my performance. Master Sha’s attention was ONLY on flowing the music through, and on the creative process when we weren’t playing. Intonation, missed notes, etc were not a concern for him. That stuff just got ironed out in the process. After all, mistakes are just how we learn. Right!?! I know it is. But in the moment I needed to keep reminding myself of this truth.

So when my unworthiness shot up my ego decided to try and impress him with a jazz interpretation of the music we were playing. He was fine with this and listened, but it didn’t impact him in any way. That’s when I realized what was happening. I was no longer flowing and connecting beyond my mind in the music. I was just playing to be impressive. Which to a Master who only cares about connecting to, and serving, the Divine, that kind of playing is totally unimpressive….no matter how impressive it is.

So I was once again humbled and profoundly reminded that the point of the music is NOT to sound impressive. It is NOT to be unique. It is to let the music flow through uninhibited by ME. Doing so requires a huge surrender and letting go of control. The challenge I had was letting my mind get in the way inbetween actually playing…which just made it harder when I did play. So I figure I am a work in progress…accepting that should help with my perfectionism…right!?!? Ha ha

I once saw a giant poster that said: The only thing standing between you and enlightenment….is YOU! This is so true for music too!

Note: If interested, Master Sha’s book Soul Wisdom which includes Soul Song and gives instructions on these concepts can be found here:


5 Responses to “Soul Song Soul Music”

  1. Pam U Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful comments. I, too, am a student of this profound spiritual master and teacher. Your words are music to my ears!

    I also welcome readers to pick up a copy of Soul Wisdom. It is a book for those seeking spiritual remedies to health related issues, and/or those looking to advance in their soul’s journey. The updated and revised edition in paperback is very unique. It contains powerful healing blessings and a beautiful CD to support your brain function and spinal column. It is set to music and sung by Master Sha. This amazing book has helped me tremendously and I am gifting a copy to each of my special loved ones!

    Two other recommended books by Master Sha are Soul Mind Body Medicine and Soul Communication.

  2. Universal Servant Says:

    Soul Wisdom is a great book. At Master Sha’s recent Soul Healing and Enlightenment Retreat in Quebec, the wisdom went even deeper. The divine, through Master Sha, just released to humanity Divine Sacred Soul Songs of Yin Yang and Five Elements. I strongly encourage everyone to learn these songs and experience the deep purification that chanting these special sounds brings. I couldn’t believe how much better my lower back felt after just a couple of days of chanting these songs. They are also very easy and fun to learn. Go to the Dr. Sha website for more details and begin chanting your way to healing, transformation, and rejuvenation right away.

  3. Jeff Says:

    The best explaination of soul song what it is and how to do it is in Master Sha’s book Soul Wisdom I. In the paperback book edition, a soul song cd is included as a great demonstration of what he speaks of so clearly in the text. beyond that, the soul song included is for healing the brain and spinal column. even better, the healing extends to all the nerves and organs which are attached/associated with the spinal column. so the healing really extends head to toe. What I like the best about soul song is the explaination Master Sha gives around each person’s soul song is a unique aspect of the divine and not duplicated by anyone elses. we are providing a unique service every time we use our soul song. the book is highly recommended. sometimes I like to sing my soul song while hearing other folks do their soul song. This gives me the opportunity to blend with theirs, like an improv. dance!

  4. Adi Padma Says:

    I am also a student of Master Zhi Gang Sha’s. I would HIGHLY recommend his books: Soul Wisdom, Soul Mind Body Medicine and Living Divine Relationships. Living a spiritual life can be challenging, and Master Sha’s teachings offer so many tools! He is so amazing, and I am so grateful to this master for all of his gifts to me, and all humanity. With his help I have found my own soul song and soul language. Finding my soul song has filled me with Divine Power. It is the purest way that I can currently express God, and boy am I lovin’ it!
    PS – as mentioned in the above comment, the NEW paperback copy of Soul Wisdom comes with a CD! This music will instantly raise the vibrations of your home or office. 🙂

  5. Earl Harris Says:

    I am also a student of Master Sha which really makes me a sudent of the Divine. There are so many Divine teachings that are brought to physical plane through Master Sha and his advanced students that I feel like Im learning straight from the Divine.
    Master Sha’s book Soul Communication teaches us how to speak our soul’s language and soul’s song. These can be translated into english or any other language, its quite remarkable really.
    Some of my most blissful moments are durning and after sing my soul’s songs. I have even sung the songs of Saints and Holy Beings. These songs are so beautiful and diverse and each one brings love and light to our planet and all life. Soul communicatin can teach, even the novice, soul language, soul song, soul healing, soul communication, bless your life and get this book. Thank you God Blessings of God’s Love and Light

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