New PARVATI and Special Customization Offer


Our PARVATI tenor mouthpieces are now considered by many to be the standard by which other large chamber/low baffle mouthpieces are measured.

Yet in my constant effort to make a great thing even better, I have chosen to slightly alter the design of our new line of PARVATIs. The new design is slightly darker with a bigger bottom end and a more lively response. I personally love them!

Because even the old PARVATI model is so new, I have decided to offer personal customization of anyone’s PARVATI purchased before August 1, 2008 at no cost, just actual shipping charges. This offer is being made for two reasons: We want our current customers to benefit from my continuing innovations and we want to take customer service to a height never seen before in the industry.

We hope you will agree this is what customer service and dedication to the art of making the finest mouthpieces in the world is all about.

Blessings, Theo Wanne


8 Responses to “New PARVATI and Special Customization Offer”

  1. Steve Ganz Says:

    Hi Theo,

    What is the process for the Parvati tweak? Just mail it in?

    Thank you!

    Steve Ganz

  2. Theo Wanne Says:

    Hi Steve,

    Just send her on in with a note. I’m honored to spruce her up for you!

    Blessings, Theo

  3. Randall Says:

    I have a stable wood Parvati that I love. How can I tell if this is an earlier or later model?

    • Theo Wanne Says:

      I’m glad you love the mouthpiece! The earlier ones had a very low floor and were much darker. They had no number in front of the letter in the serial number too.

  4. Dirk Sandmann Says:

    First off all: thank you for your wonderful work!

    I love my metal black vintified Parvati, too. It is marked:
    9 and below: C37/42
    So is it an older one?

    Regards, Dirk

    • Theo Wanne Says:


      Yes it is an older model we no longer make. You could say it is the predisesor to the AMBIKA model we make now:) I am very happy to know you are enjoying it. It has the darkest sound of any model I have made.

  5. Joviniano Oliveira Says:

    I’m aware that the wood impregnated Parvatti mp was discontinued, but a friend of mine just wants a tenor one. Which other TW resembles it, Theo?

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