I admit faith makes no sense. It seems like to have faith we need to give up our power, and a piece of our-selves. The truth, though, is we don’t. Because we are really just switching our faith in logic and our thinking, to the deeper part of ourselves that is beyond the mind.

FAITH is often confused with BELIEF.  A belief is an idea, a thought.  Faith is the surrender of beliefs and thoughts, to live beyond the mind. Hence, faith does not always make sense to our minds. It is non-logical.

When I say non-logical I do not mean like the person muttering to themselves as they walk down the street. I guarantee you, that person is acting in a very logical way….to themselves. They feel self-justified in everything they do! Criminals, also feel very justified in what they do too. In fact it is easy to create a self-justified and logical reason for doing almost anything. Hitler thought he was doing the world a favor with his horrible actions. The key word here is thought.

This is why there is a need to go BEYOND thought, and the mind. For when we do, we find that the Divine is much larger, brilliant and extraordinary than our minds have believed or allowed.

For example an improvising musician must have faith in order to play. The mind is cleared, and then, like magic, music comes forth. If we are thinking the entire time we are trying to improvise, we will play terribly. To clear the mind and have faith that the music will come…is to allow the Divine to shine on through.

Living in the Divine requires the surrender of our mind and thought.  It requires faith in that which is beyond our minds.  And while the mind thinks we would be idiots to give up our power and ourselves to have this faith.  The truth is that with faith we exponentially increase our power, sense of well being, ability to have choice in life, and be joyous.  Really!!

I recently attended a retreat with Master Sha and as is usually the case with Spiritual Teachings, had my faith tested. My mind had tons of reasons for doubt mostly around money and the fact that much of what was taught was so big that my mind was just having trouble believing it could be true. After days of struggle I had the thought, “Of all the people I have met in my life who are the people who are the MOST honest? The answer was my spiritual teachers Amritam and Master Sha, and other Master Teachers and students I have met. These people have huge faith and a light in them that I find very attractive. Then I looked around and saw the people who didn’t have faith, they seemed tight, heavy, and a little dark. The more faith….the more light and joy! Thinking of everyone in my life I was shocked at the depth of this correlation!

So, still at the retreat, I kept chanting to myself, “I choose faith” as my mind went mad with rebuttals. But I just ignored them. Then something magical happened. A wall of darkness, I had previously been unaware of, just seemed to vanish, and I was standing cleaned, washed, and purified. Everything became brighter, fuller of life, and…well…sparkly.

I want to be clear that I chose faith in MY connection to the divine. I listened to the teaching and didn’t just BELIEVE what was said. I chose to RELEASE my beliefs and be OPEN, for the emptier I am, the more the Divine can fill me. This is very important, because faith is the opposite of Belief, which is just filling our heads with more ideas and concepts!

I have seen many miracles in my life, but feeling the hand of the divine reach down and pull me up is just beyond words. 

Unfortunately many people don’t believe in the possibility that the divine is in them, just waiting for us to pay attention to it. But it is there….just waiting for our interest! My recommendation is to have Faith in being loving, caring, and compassionate….no matter what our minds are saying….what’s the worst that could happen….we have a life full of love, care and compassion?

I thank, the Divine, Master Sha, Amritam, all my teachers, their students, and my friends for assisting me in deepening my connection to my inherit magic inside! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


One Response to “FAITH”

  1. Mark Miller Says:

    Hi Theo,

    I’m with you all the way. My faith is in the ordinary magic of music, which is available to everyone, all the time. As an improviser, I work with what’s present, whatever is right there in my immediate experience- a simple rhythm, a little melodic fragment, a feeling, an energy, a sound. Are these things divine? I think so, but I’m not seeking the divine. If I’m seeking anything, it’s to appreciate what I’m given each moment and to work with it, through faith, to make the best music and the best life possible.

    How wonderful that there are so many beautiful paths. Whether someone works through the divine to the ordinary or the other way around, it makes no difference to me. I support anyone on any path that opens to love, compassion, kindness and understanding.

    Keep up the great work, Theo!

    Mark Miller

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