NAMM 2009


Tom, Mindy, and Theo at NAMM 2009This was our first year with a booth at NAMM and we had a grand and exciting time. There was never a dull moment.  With our booth in the corner of the show, we had musicians lined up against the wall playing our mouthpieces, using it as a sound-mirror, or maybe they were all their checking out Mindy in her mini-skirt! At least they said they were there for the mouthpieces………

Jim Scimonetti jammin on a vintified KALIThe DURGA was an immediate hit, with our quickest sale in history on day one. One crazy musician (we won’t say names here…Jack!) played three notes, took out his wallet and threw his credit card down saying, “that’s all I needed to hear, you guys nailed it!”  That was a great start to the show. Our other favorite comments were, “This mouthpiece eats my link for lunch,” and probably the most common comment …and the most the straight forward “Wow!”

Mike Parlett playing alto and tenor at same timeAt times large crowds gathered as we had our own version of a “tower of power” with a 4-man saxophone group screamin’ away. It was amazing! Mike Parlett played an alto and tenor at the same time (he plays a DURGA on tenor), Jack Prybylski was rockin’ us all with his new DURGA, Keith McKelley (our newest endorser for the DURGA) moved us body and soul, and Jim Scimonetti blew our minds with his beat-box saxophone rhythms.

We also had our neighbor selling Didgeridoos come over. Mike played his alto and tenor sax at the same time with him. I have never heard anything like it….way cool.

Mike Parlett interviewing Bob Ackerman for his Solar Radio showMike Parlett had special guests come and get live interviews for his Solar Radio show.

Once again, the comradery among all involved blew me away. What a great industry we are in. We didn’t have a tester horn at our booth so Orlando gave us one of his great tenors to demo our mouthpieces with. Everyone loved his horn and appreciated his generosity! It was also great to connect with folks from Bari, Jody Jazz , PMS music, P. Marriott, Bay, Bob Ackerman and all the other booths. We saw friends we connected with last year, and made new friends as well. And who can forget my buddy Steve Goodson walking his way over to say Hi! I saw him from across the show! I think we can all agree that being a part of the saxophone music industry is just plain fun! The people are just great…..

Fun NAMM action at the Theo Wanne boothOne question we were asked over and over was, “When will you have an alto, bari, and soprano mouthpiece?” Well, I have good news for all of you. The answer is soon, yes very soon, my friends.

Wishing everyone in the industry a great 2009! We’ll see you at NAMM 2010!


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