The State of Affairs 18 Months Later


It has been a bit over 18 months since I wrote my last State of Affairs for Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces. We have come a long way since introducing our first mouthpiece, the tenor AMMA, in summer of 2007. In that time, we have:

  • Completed our tenor sax Pro-Line models: DURGA, KALI, AMMA, PARVATI and AMBIKA.
  • Introduced many innovative saxophone accessories and products: pressure plates, measuring devices, ligatures, Stable Wood mouthpieces.
  • Won the endorsement hearts of the top musicians in the world: Jeff Coffin (Bella Fleck and David Mathews Band), Jan Garbarek, Chris Potter, Jeff Rupert, Tim Price, Tom Politzer (Tower of Power) and even Lisa Simpson (Terry Harrington).
  • Grown our dealer network worldwide.
  • Seen wonderful participation in our online presence via our forum, YouTube channel, and Facebook.
  • Drawn a very large number of visitors to our world-renowned saxophone mouthpiece resource site.
  • Had three Patents approved with three more patents pending.

And, this quarter we are delighted to reach several new benchmarks:

  • Release our first Baritone Pro-Line model, the DURGA Baritone.
  • Double our capacity while increasing quality.
  • Finish the design of several Alto models (due next month).

Growing a manufacturing business has its share of challenges. Balancing production with order fulfillment and new product development keeps everyone on their toes. Innovations, the heart of our business, are wonderful and exciting. Yet, new developments and patents, such as our patent pending manufacturing process, add layers of complexity to the puzzle.

It is all good. I love games – bring on the puzzles. We have certainly learned a lot these last few years. And, I know many more lessons will be learned in the years ahead. That is what keeps this business so fun and interesting.

We greatly appreciate the patience of our customers and dealers who have occasionally had longer than anticipated waits for back ordered pieces. Thank you. We are working hard to significantly reduce such delays.

We have put a lot of resources into increasing our capacity, vertically integrating our production, and further improving our very high standards for quality. The true benefits of all these efforts are showing up as we catch up on our last back orders and as we release new Baritone, Alto and even Soprano models throughout 2009.

This is now my 5th year in the music industry. I grow fonder of it every day. I have met too many wonderful people to count. And. I am continuously amazed by the kindness, support and involvement from musicians and industry folk across the board.

This is a fun industry with great people!

Pro Player Jack Prybylski and Tom Wanne at Winter NAMM 2009

I know Theo, like myself, gets tremendous satisfaction that we are bringing value to musicians lives and helping them be the best possible at their craft. I feel blessed to part of this industry and I am very excited at what the next 18 months will bring.

Have a wonderful spring!
The Warmest of Wishes,

Tom Wanne, CEO
Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces


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