Yup…we drove down from WA State with a U-haul. Didn’t everyone??? Pictures here are guys from NAMM helping us unload it.

There are definitely less booths here than last year as the entire row we were in last year now includes…. just us! Our booth last year jammed out with lots of hip sax players and was quite loud. It was almost like a permanent concert going on with the radio show, and guys playing together all the time. My guess is all the people around us weren’t too happy about the volume…sorry guys! End result…we’re alone in the corner of the show. I expect even more great sax players to come around this year, so it could be a good thing to have the privacy, we shall see.

    The people who share our back wall sell Karaoke machines…..really!?! They are nice people though! Mindy and I did sound testing with plywood, particle board and various foams at home depot to help isolate the sound around our booth more. It was very high tech testing – picture the two of us yelling at each other on opposite sides of a piece of 4 foot by 8 foot plywood and you’ll get the picture!

Everyone calls Tom and I’s mother Mimi…this pic is for you Mimi!

Mindy’s outfit of the day, by Theo.

OK, Mindy is a pretty hip dresser and she really likes to look her best at NAMM so for fun I thought I would post Mindy’s Outfit of the Day. Plus I just wear the same thing every day…except for my hat collection, and we can’t only talk about mouthpieces and spirituality here!

Mindy immediately nabbed the entire closet in the hotel room for all her dresses. Being set-up day I just took a cool picture of her in her shades entering NAMM to get our NAMM Badges.



  1. Jimmy Emerzian Says:

    Theo, it was a pleasure meeting you briefly at NAMM today, and it was an absolute joy to have the opportunity to try all your mouthpieces. Mindy was extremely helpful and well-informed, and I appreciate the chance to spend so much time trying everything possible. I discussed trying a mouthpiece with Mindy, and she gave me her card but unfortunately I was distracted at closing time and left my NAMM booklet (with the contact info) on your table. I hope I can make it back out tomorrow but I’m not sure I can. If not, I hope to be in contact with you guys soon. And if for some reason I don’t talk to you before then, enjoy Frankfurt! Make sure and hit up Adolf Wagner and have some Apfelwein (apple wine). It’s a Frankfurt specialty.

  2. Angel R Merced Says:

    Please let me know when you come to the NAMM show at New York again.

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