Proud Papa at NAMM


The NAMM show is like a yearly re-union for all of us in the saxophone industry.  My buddy Paul Perez of Tower of Power came by and tooted on the GAIA for a bit…..yah, can you believe it, this hard core Berg guy actually liked a large chamber mouthpiece!?!?!?!? 

And yes, those are palm trees behind Paul…nice touch, yes!

We were in the very corner of the building.  We had hoped this would give us a little leeway with the Sound Police….no dice. Because it was a little quieter in the corner, we were also expected to be quieter.  That was hard as we often had upwards of seven sax players at a time trying out mouthpieces….youza!  Next year it’s back into the mix.  

The DURGA alto was our biggest new hit, followed by the DURGA tenor and DURGA baritone.  The universal response for the DURGA alto was “WOW, I had no idea a metal alto piece could sound like that!!!    It’s contemporary AND fat; not harsh or thin like other metal alto mouthpieces. It’s the best contemporary alto mouthpiece I’ve ever played.”  I was a proud Papa.  My goal really was to open a world of possibilities for alto players with this mouthpiece, and I think we succeeded.

The DURGA tenor has seemingly hit a ‘classic’ status already.  Nelson Rangell came by and blew us away with his sound on the DURGA.  He ended up playing it in his concert that night. 

What an incredible person and musician.

It still amazes me how the only hard part to selling the DURGA baritone mouthpiece is just getting people to try it.  Once they do, it’s all over.  And again… proud Papa.

We debuted our new hard rubber as well. Our hard rubber is the result of years of effort and is formulated and made like the classic rubber used in the Henry Chedeville, Meyer Bros, and Slant Sig links all from the 1940s and 50s.

People often think that the primary benefit of quality vintage hard rubber like ours is warmth to the sound, however, while it does have an incredible warm and dark sound its true benefit is in its resonance and vibrancy. Our AMMA and KALI hard rubber altos really showed that off well at the show. Proud Papa smiling again.


2 Responses to “Proud Papa at NAMM”

  1. Frank Says:

    Nelson Rangell is one my favorite musicians-period. It’s GREAT to know that he loved your mouthpiece. Playing your tenor and alto Durgas have been great for me.

    Still can’t wait to play your soprano pieces.


  2. Mike Parlett Says:

    It was so great to meet one of my heroes, Nelson Rangel!
    Its also wonderful he will be switching to playing Wanne mouthpieces in the future!

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