Today was a powerful day


Today was a powerful day, so I thought I would share. One has to do with saxophone mouthpieces, the other is just personal….

  1. I finished the prototype for our new ‘more affordably priced’ bright mouthpiece. It is called the DATTA…and it just rocks…..holy cow! I was so excited I went all around the entire shop making everyone listen to it. More than one person jumped in their seat….the thing just has a HUGE sound….I am so excited and proud of myself and Matt. Matt Ambrose helped a lot with this and I think he should just be giddy and patting himself on the back!


  2. So I am single again and the old co-dependent feelings have been going on. I’ve kind of been acting them out (oops), but today was a bit different.

    While dancing for a couple hours I went through a really cool process.

    First I apologized deeply for my actions that caused pain to my, now X, partner. Truly I apologize! I really saw some mean bad habits I have! Then I forgave her for all the pain I was feeling. I really forgive, because I know it was all innocent. Then I felt the pain….it was like a cloud the size of the room saying, “you are incomplete Theo….there is a big hole inside of you without your partner.” While I have kind of believed that feeling for awhile, tonight I remembered something. I have had enough deep spiritual experience to know I am complete and whole…so the feeling had to be lying. I said Thank You to the all encompassing feeling for keeping me safe and giving me what I used to want, but that I now recognized it as illusion; as a false message.

    The feeling remained all encompassing for awhile….but I just acknowledged it as illusion. After a bit, the feeling disappeared and a deep sense of clarity and being present and complete filled me. I then REALLY enjoyed dancing and just let loose….it was fun.

    I don’t know what will happen tomorrow…but for now I am extremely grateful for all the pain I have been feeling… has lead me to a profound deeper personal freedom.


3 Responses to “Today was a powerful day”

  1. Andrew Hendry Says:

    Hi i was wondering when your new DATTA mouthpiece might be available
    in tenor or alto.


  2. Theo Wanne Says:

    Well, we just finished the prototyping of it.

    We are all totally blown away by it. It has been really exciting to make actually. I am really excited to get a mouthpiece of that kind of quality and totally unique sound quality (super fat and powerful) out in the market for a much lower price than our pro-line.

    We will be releasing it in the next couple months…..whoot!

    Blessings, Theo

  3. Tim Price Says:


    Theo is a master human being and designer-innovator. When I play his pieces my day is off…AND COOKING!!!

    With great respect- Tim Price

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