Working for a Legacy!


It is my belief that the real purpose of a mouthpiece is for an individual to feel they are fully expressing themselves; that their voice is accurately and easily expressed. I want a musician to never want to put their horn down because they feel so good!

  • “Wow, I’ve been playing all day and I’m not tired. With my other mouthpieces I just had to work way too hard, and believe me, I’m talking about some other high end pieces. Congratulations on making the best mouthpieces in the world! Just one thing, will I ever want to put the sax down?” – Howard Isaacson
  • “This is ‘the’ most expressive mouthpiece I have ever played.  The tonal possibilities are endless.  Equally impressive are the nuances in volume that are achievable. The design ingenuity and craftsmanship of Theo’s mouthpieces is truly amazing and impeccable. They are a work of art. They are the perfect link between one’s inner voice and the saxophone.”Jack Prybylski

Everyone will sound unique on the same mouthpiece. For examples, go to: and then click on:

  1. DURGA – and listen to Keith McKelly plays My funny Valentine and then Nelson Rangell playing 24/7 or Lee Goodall playing Sorry I Made You Cry
  2. GAIA – and listen to Col Laughnan playing Laura, then Tolly playing Back from School

So the biggest question is, will the mouthpiece allow YOUR true expression! This is where the real innovations come in. Do you feel free to fly, so to speak…..

  • “I never played on a mouthpiece that fits me so well. It feels like coming home to mama after a trip around the world with one leg. With your totally unique mouthpiece there are no limits. I really wonder how you did it. You are a genius!” – Frank D.
  • “This mouthpiece has stolen my heart. We had to wait for more than 100 years, but finally there is a mouthpiece that matches perfectly with a saxophone. I have fallen more deeply in love with the saxophone.”André de Laat

I spent almost two decades hand facing vintage and new mouthpieces so top musicians (and students) could get the sound they wanted.

  • Theo!! The mouthpiece is KILL’IN. It’s exactly what I was looking for”; “You are truly a wizard “; ” Best money I ever spent!”

I am very proud to say that literally 99% of the time someone left my work bench I saw an absolutely glowing and almost stunned expression on my customers facesJ That is why I loved my work. More comments from the ‘old days’ can be seen here:

The knowledge gained from working on so many mouthpieces, led me to an understanding of how to improve even the ‘classic’ mouthpieces!

  • “I have a drawer full of mouthpieces from over the years; however, my sound has never been so good. I am proud to hear my sound now. It is hard to imagine a MP being made of better quality, look and feel. Nothing was spared in design. ” – Bob P
  • “You really have achieved the vibe, sound and feel of the older pieces with something extra that I can’t quite put my finger on yet. The intonation is dead on and it’s so much easier to play than my older pieces.” – Alden Banta

I wanted the same response from people on my production mouthpiece. This is why I put so much time and energy into our innovations!

  • “I’ve tried for a long time to be happy with my sound and can now say I am amazed at the sound I get. I just stare at the sax totally surprised like it’s the first note I ever played. Theo, you never cease to amaze me!”
    – Keyan Williams
  • “The mouthpiece is better than any other mouthpieces I’ve had in my life and I know them all.” – Jochen

When my brother and I first went into production, we could have used standard blanks from other manufacturers, we could have just copied previous models. We could have used standard cheap ligatures and caps, etc. Instead my brother and I aggressively invested in the development of new materials, manufacturing techniques, and designs for saxophone mouthpieces.

  • “There is no need to look for vintage mouthpieces anymore. You’ve set a new standard in saxophone mouthpieces. Your mastery with saxophone mouthpieces has allowed me to fully express my own artistry as a musician!” – Jeff Rupert
  • “You have made my life as a saxophone player better. It surpasses any other mouthpiece i’ve ever played – on every level. It’s almost like magic the way it responds exactly as I want, on every dynamic level. It does exactly what a mouthpiece should – boost confidence.” – Bbørge

We use materials such as resin impregnated wood and real vintage rubber; we have by far most the most advanced manufacturing techniques so that the most critical areas of the saxophone mouthpiece are perfect. With features like our power-ring, three-step patented baffle configuration, uniquely shaped rounded-inner-side walls, drop floor, and the ways in which we use the True Large Chamber, our designs are totally unique; none are simply copies of vintage pieces….all are truly innovative.

  • “The DURGA is the ultimate and most original metal mouthpiece of our era. The innovative design and love that Theo Wanne made this with is spellbinding. When I play this mouthpiece it’s like a path to true self-expression.” – Tim Price
  • “The AMMA has signified something significant happening in my development on the tenor. There is truly more to do there now.” – Nelson Rangell

This means our products sound different, and I have worked hard to make sure that difference is truly an improvement on past products. In fact, our products are so innovative that in the last three years we have been granted four patents and have two more patents pending.

  • “My “search” for the mouthpiece which does everything I want is over because of Theo…. the master has created a masterpiece!!!” – Cok
  • “This is really a killing mouthpiece; it will soon become the saxophonist’s secret weapon!” Hank

We really didn’t take the easy road; we took the uncompromising road, starting from the ground up. We did WHATEVER it took to create the best mouthpieces ever made! I truly believe the work has paid off, and I feel the legacy has begun!

  • “Theo has truly reached epic proportions.” – Jimmy Haag
  • “I don’t want to exaggerate, but I think God enlightened you with this mouthpiece; it’s just too good to be true!” – Lu F.
  • “I can’t say enough about this mouthpiece.  It purrs like a kitten, and screams like a wild cat. It will do anything I want it to do just by adjusting my embouchure. Again man, you out did yourself. I don’t want to put it away. Great Job!” – Leon

Most importantly, though, I hope our mouthpieces inspire you to be the best player you can be!

  • “The mouthpiece is truly wonderful. I would go as far as to say that it is magical but I know that it is the product of a lot of hard work from a very gifted craftsman. It is a work of art!! Very inspirational! It makes me want to be a better player. Silly isn’t it??” -Anibal Rojas

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