The GAIA Soprano, a Dream Realized


I bicycled across the USA when I was in my early 20s, from LA to Boston. I had a pannier (bag) on each side of the front wheel, a pannier on each side of the rear wheel, and my sleeping bag, tent, and……….soprano saxophone……… on top of the rear rack. My way cool vintage Mark VI soprano was kept safe and dry in a hand-made water proof case I made from PVC pipe.

When bicycle touring every ounce counts, so you can guess how important my soprano was to me by the shear fact that I even carried it across the country. I stopped and played impromptu concerts in all areas of nature…and well… impress the girls at the colleges we stopped at too.

Getting a beautiful sound on the saxophone has always been my life’s mission, and I am overjoyed that I get to share that passion with more and more people as we develop Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces.

GAIA large chamber soprano mouthpieceFor soprano I have always been a fan of the vintage large chamber saxophone mouthpieces. The soprano has a tendency towards a nasal sound….and the large chambers seemed to help with that, and allow an expression and fatness otherwise not attainable. My favorite large chamber vintage mouthpieces were the Buescher, Woodwind Company, Slant Sig Otto Link, and the rare Brilhart hard rubber. The problem though, was that none really projected in a way that the small chamber and modern soprano mouthpieces did. Most had tip openings that were way too small too. There really wasn’t a mouthpiece that combined that fat large chamber sound with a modern mouthpiece design. So a dream of mine has always been to create that mouthpiece. And I finally have.

I cannot quite convey how excited I am to share the GAIA large chamber soprano mouthpiece. It is a dream realized for me; it is the mouthpiece I wished I had on my bike ride across the country!


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