Jan Garbarek and the GAIA Soprano


Jan Garbarek’s music has always inspired me. He is unequivocally considered one of history’s truly innovative musicians. He has a style and sound that is immediately identifiable and truly ‘deep’! He is a historical giant of the saxophone and his soprano sound has simply been one to which others are compared. I have known Jan for many years and besides knowing what a stellar person he is, I know he takes his sound, and hence equipment, seriously.

Jan has known about my dream of creating the ultimate True Large Chamber soprano mouthpiece for a long time. I simply believe a True Large Chamber is how a soprano sounds best, but I have never seen the ‘perfect’ True Large Chamber soprano mouthpiece made yet…..so the task has been in my heart, in my head, and on my desk for years!

Well we have poured intense energy, money, and time into our R&D department here at Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces. This has allowed me to design and make my dream mouthpiece designs come true. All are truly unique, and many build on designs of the past. However, the intensely complex DURGA was my first wild creation…it is unlike anything else ever made. And it has turned out to be an absolutely wild success. I am very proud of this mouthpiece as it has allowed more contemporary players who need edge and power to also have a thick, full sound before not possible. After listening to the recordings of musicians after they have switched to the DURGA I just get a big smile of success on my face.

Our next breakthrough mouthpiece is the GAIA soprano. I had to rethink the entire design of the soprano mouthpiece for this one. It is the next evolutionary step of soprano mouthpiece design. Honestly, I meditate deeply to receive most of the information necessary to design our mouthpieces….and this time I thank my inner guidance deeply. Personally it is the sound I always wished I could get on a soprano. Now that the GAIA has been out a short while I can honestly say that is the same feedback I have been getting from musicians all over the world.

AND……here is the feedback I just received from Jan Garbarek, who we are very proud to have as an endorser:

“And there it is! The soprano piece I´ve been longing for all these years! The GAIA Soprano is a killer, it’s as simple as that!! It sings in all registers, pp – ff, in tune, open yet focused and fat sounding like a sax should be.  I know: this sounds pretty much like all the goals you set out to achieve, Theo, which means you succeeded.  So, congratulations, great work!  The GAIA soprano is stunning!”  – Jan Garbarek

I have put so much love into this mouthpiece that to know Jan and all my customers love the mouthpiece just brings tears to my eyes. It truly is my hope to provide the equipment that helps musicians easily access and express their deepest brilliance and inspiration. And that, in turn, that brilliance and inspiration spreads to the rest of the world! Watching this actually happening just makes me feel like I am succeeding in my life’s purpose…..and I simply can’t convey just how wonderful that feels!!!!!


One Response to “Jan Garbarek and the GAIA Soprano”

  1. Jim Cuevas Says:


    Just a note to thank you for the Gaia soprano mouthpiece. I’ve played everything out there. Had just bought the new Warburton soprano mouthpiece and used it along with my vintage Selmer metal G (Greg W). Dropped everything in favor of an original Selmer Soloist G. THen came the Gaia. Your mouthpiece is bigger and easier. More flexible too. I still play the Soloist, but always end up going back to the Gaia. The colors, the palm notes, the low notes. What a great mouthpiece you’ve fashioned for us! It akes my Yani SC991 and S991 truly sing for which I thank you very, very much. I make a coupple of deals with you through Rafael Navarro, and have since folowed your work with interest. I’m playing the Amma on my 73K MK VI and am looking forward to step up t the Kali. I’m looking the Wanne tenor mouthpiece that will give me what the Gaia soprano does. I’ve read about the Durga but a hesitant, fearing that it may be too bright for me. Anyhow, outstanding job, my friend. Well done indeed.

    God bless,

    Jim Cuevas

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