Playing Divine Music with Master Sha


I just had the Divine privilege of playing music with Master Sha again. This was at an amazingly beautiful retreat in the snow capped mountains of Colorado.

Master Sha is an incredible healer, and spiritual teacher. He is the lineage holder of Taoism and along with his teacher, was responsible for containing the Sars epidemic in China. While at the retreat I saw a blind man regain his vision, along with many other miracles.

Master Sha teaches how to open oneself up to the Divine and allow the music to flow through us. He has given me a Divine Download to help open my ‘musical improvisation’ channels, which he calls ‘Soul Music.’ He calls it soul music as it is music which comes from our soul instead of our mind. And that was my experience; I experienced my soul playing the music. My improvisation channel was wide open while playing saxophone and flute. I stepped back inside myself, hearing what the other musicians were playing, and what Master Sha was singing. I then watching the music flow through me, not controlling how my fingers were moving on the keys…..and the experience was Divine! Playing music with a spiritual master like Master Sha is a true blessing! I could feel his deep, DEEP connection to the Divine, which also held the space for my ‘letting go’ into the music.

I now practice opening all my spiritual channels as Master Sha teaches and it is helping me bring Grace in to my life. The more open my channels, the more Grace. I get all important guidance and knowledge in this way too. This includes the designs I make for saxophone mouthpieces. All my designs actually are gifts through these open channels when my mind is empty, or in deep meditation. So I can’t really take credit for them, I give that credit to the Divine.J

It is my belief that we are ALL divine channels, and the gift of learning to open these channels is a huge blessing. I am forever grateful for the experience of the divine playing music through me AND bringing Grace into my personal and business life! So I want to take this opportunity to thank Master Sha and all his students for the wonderful experience I had at the retreat in Colorado. THANK YOU!


One Response to “Playing Divine Music with Master Sha”

  1. Zane Carlton Says:

    Mr. Wanne,

    I completely understand the expression of actual ‘soul music’, as I believe that is where the the most pure and divine music comes from. I play an assortment of instruments, and I’m partial to the Native American flute. Though I receive compliments, I am always compelled to tell them that it isn’t just me, that I can only play ‘as the Spirit moves’. I know that sensation of being aware of music happening, of hearing something beautiful, knowing that my hands and fingers are moving, and aware too that I am only a fortunate part and extension of the instrument, that I and the flute are being played as one instrument by, as you say, the Divine. And I give thanks. While some may not be aware of this, the expressions on their faces tells me that their spirits have responded. While there is always this feeling in playing other instruments, the flute is somehow very special in this experience, as often are drums. Maybe it has to do with the breath and the heartbeat of life. I am scheduled for an interview for employment with your company on 3.1.2011, and your comments make such a prospect even more appealing. Whatever the outcome, please know that my comments are very sincere, and it was very good to hear someone express what I’ve been trying to for some time, and I’d be happy to share some music if you should wish. Zane

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