Theo Wanne joins Justice League as wager with Superman goes bad for the man of steel


Theo Wanne Wins Acceptance into the Justice League!

Many do not know this, but Theo and Superman are long term friends. They met after accidentally bumping into Wonder Woman’s invisible plane at the same time. Wonder Woman took Theo and Superman for a spin in her Jet as an apology for parking her plane in the middle of a park in Bellingham, WA.

They all became good friends. On a recent visit to see Theo, the two had a jam session, and decided to see who could outplay who. Do to overconfidence, Superman wagered his position in the Justice League. Theo played the DURGA mouthpiece, while Superman was playing some other brand. Needless to say, superman was taken by surprise.

Superman said, “I should have taken my mouthpiece more seriously! I just played the one in the case. It was a top notch horn, but I had to fight the mouthpiece the whole time. When Theo played, I could tell his self expression was off the charts. I don’t know how he got those cool sounds out of his horn. After listening to him, I threw my hands up in the air and gave him my cape!”

Theo is very happy to be accepted into the Justice League. He sees it as an opportunity help others on the planet find their self expression too! Superman has since switched to a Theo Wanne mouthpiece and Theo has stopped challenging him to competitions.

Ultimate iPhone App Developed – Turn your iPhone into a Saxophone

Look out at saxophone players, Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces has developed the first, truly revolutionary, iPhone saxophone application.

The application, iSaxPhone, brilliantly and seamlessly lets you connect your iPhone to your True Large Chamber Theo Wanne saxophone mouthpiece and then unleash you musical inner child.

And think how much shoulder pain you will avoid not carrying your heavy saxophone around all day. Download it now to your iphone and sound like a pro in no time flat.

This app is especially useful for those crazy days that you forget to bring your saxophone to your gig or rehearsal.

Or, how about those days you just don’t want to march miles with a heavy instrument. Just connect your iPhone and play like the star you are.

You can download this app on our new Theo Wanne iPhone Online market as well as read other exciting Theo Wanne news here:


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