Beth’s Boston Trip


It was great to spend time with my family this month. When my parents, sister and I scheduled a family trip to Boston this April, I don’t think they expected me to take them to a music shop. But, when you work at as exciting a place as Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces, it’s hard to leave it all behind for a week.

I spent much of the time touring Boston, Lexington and Concord, gawking and completely “geeking-out” in true history-geek style, whether it was walking through Paul Revere’s house (one of my Revolution-era heroes) or eating at the Green Dragon Tavern. But, I have to admit; I was still checking my email periodically (hooray for smart phones!) and also could NOT pass up an opportunity to stop by Rayburn Music when I was in the same city as them.

Jim Hobbs (store manager – shown below) is an awesome guy to work with, and a wonderful dealer
of ours. So, one windy and rainy day that seemed more fitting of my home state of Washington, my
mother and sister and I blew into Rayburn – windblown, shaking umbrellas dry and laughing over our recent adventures navigating the Boston subway system.

Meeting Jim in person was great, as well as seeing the shop, getting a tour, and finally being able to meet everyone there face-to-face. I would like to thank them for being so kind and willing to take some time out of their day to chat with us and show us around, and to thank my mom and sister for going with me and letting me take time out of our site-seeing to visit the store. It was a great experience and I hope I will get to visit more of our dealers soon!

Have a great Spring,
Elizabeth (Beth) Wood, MBA
VP of Sales and Marketing
Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces


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