Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Refacing Clinic at Massullo Music in Vancouver, B.C.


One of the very best parts of working in the music industry has been building some absolutely wonderful friendships with music store owners. Many have been in the music industry for decades. And some have known Theo that long; one of these wonderful store owners in Sandro Massullo.

Sandro is a fixture on the Vancouver Music scene, providing excellent service and workmanship to musicians for over 28 years. He has earned the respect of the finest woodwind and brass players who have become the mainstay of the Massullo Music clientele. Sandro’s special attention to the needs of players and educators alike has been the firm foundation of his rapidly growing success.

We had our very first clinic ever at Massullo Music in 2008. Vancouver, B.C. is 60 minutes north of Bellingham, WA. I recall the excitement of having our new KALI mouthpiece and the wonderful reception to our first mouthpiece, the AMMA. Massullo Music was one of the first music stores to carry our products (Thanks Sandro!). That number has gone up significantly (over 125 stores now). But, Massullo Music is still one of my favorite shops and I always enjoy getting a phone call from Sandro.

We haven’t been on the clinic scene much. We would like that to change. When Theo and I were in Frankfurt for Music Messe, we had a lot of dealers express a big interest in events to showcase our mouthpieces, as well as have Theo give a refacing clinic as part of the event.

So, we are excited to be heading back up to Sandro’s shop for another Theo Wanne event. Massullo Music Presents THEO WANNE Mouthpiece Refacing Clinic and Product Showcase Tuesday, June 7th, 2011. (event flyer)

Theo will be giving a refacing clinic from 1:00p to 3:00p. We will wrap up, setup for part II and then enjoy dinner with Sandro (and friends) before we begin again at 6:30p and go until we can go no more, showcasing our mouthpieces and meeting musicians. I’m truly looking forward to it.

I wonder if the same excellent Thai restaurant from 2008 is still around Sandro’s corner?

Hope to see you in Vancouver.


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