Congressman Rick Larsen checks out our explosive export growth


We would like to thank Congressman Rick Larsen for meeting with us to discuss our very fast export growth. Over the last three years, we have grown our export business 103%, 112%, and 146% year-over-year.  We send a huge thank you to all our international customers and our 130+ dealers worldwide that have made this possible.

We are truly honored to be recognized for these achievements.

We are excited to be part of the growing export initiative cascading from the federal level, through the state level and ultimately, to us at the local level.

Growing fast attracts its fair share of hurdles from operations, capacity growth, management, shipping, receiving, marketing, and other areas of business development. As the point man for our company, I send a huge thank you for all the support we are receiving from resources outside of our business, like Rick Larsen’s Export Promotions and our local Center for Economic Vitality (CEV), as well as the absolutely amazing team we have here at Theo Wanne Classic  Mouthpieces that makes our growth a success.

The Warmest of Wishes,



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