Clarence Clemons Passed Away


The saxophone world lost one of the greats on June 18, 2011. Clarence Clemons has passed away, leaving a huge void behind him.

We at Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces would like to extend our condolences to his friends and family, and share in the grief his passing has caused. We hope that his music and influence will live on in the hearts of his friends, fans and the whole musical world, including through his nonprofit efforts to promote the advancement and support of music education which is so sorely needed in our world today.

It is impossible to sum up an amazing life in a few sentences, but Clarence performed with Bruce Springsteen, Aretha Franklin and many other who’s-who of the music world. He lived a full and amazing life, and I encourage everyone to learn more about this amazing human being.

Clarence, you will never be forgotten, and thank you for all of the light and inspiration you showered us with during your lifetime. You have touched many lives – more than you could ever have imagined – and will continue to live on through your music to touch many more lives in the years to come. Thank you again for all you have given us, and may you rest in peace and light.

Elizabeth Wood, VP of Sales and Marketing


2 Responses to “Clarence Clemons Passed Away”

  1. Ace Barton Says:

    Sax players will come and go; but there will never be another Big Man. He taught me the importance of tone, of how a growling, edgy tone can at the same time be FULL of soul; he taught me the importance of long held notes vs. playing a ton of notes. He was my mentor and my coach during my days using Rovner Deep V’s, even though I’ve now gravitated to the DURGA for most of my work….he was one of a kind!

  2. manu carré Says:

    Je suis saxophoniste et c’est dans les années 70 que le son du “big man” m’ a transpercé l’âme . Merci Monsieur.

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