I just returned from India..


There is a famous quote by Marianne Williamson that states:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond imagination…When we liberate ourselves from our own fears; simply our presence may liberate others.

I just returned from India, where I completed a program with my spiritual teacher Sri Kaleshwar Swami in Penukonda, India. Kaleshwar is humble, loving, caring… AND… powerful beyond words. He has performed miraculous healings, and demonstrated truly unbelievable miracles. He is teaching those interested to do the same and more, all within the framework of serving and helping humanity.

Finding our miraculous innate power may seem like a simple or fun task, however, as Marianne Williamson states, it actually requires liberating ourselves from our deepest fears. Few people dig this deep into themselves consciously. Many manifest confronting their deepest fears subconsciously, and become faced with illnesses or major life challenges. I faced many of my deepest fears while in excruciating pain, feeling at deaths door, and hopeless for a cure, all during an illness I had for years. I faced my fear of death, torture, abandonment, loneliness, etc. I now recognize many other brave souls doing the same in their lives, and I feel for their pain.  

Our own deepest fears are usually invisible to us, so life gives us challenges to see them. When we finally ACCEPT these situations as perfect, and exactly what we needed to get bigger, our miraculous nature arises. Life is WAY bigger than most of us think. It really is. It is beyond our imagination….in a really good way. 

We are all brothers and sisters in working through life’s challenges. We are all looking for answers and want to move through life’s challenges as quickly as possible. And since looking for life’s answers IS the spiritual path…..I say we are all on the spiritual path TOGETHER 😉

Kaleshwar is helping me, and his other students find their innate greatness and power, and encouraging us to then help others. All of us in his teaching are facing our fears, and finding we are bigger. We remind one another that the result of knowing our greatness is worth the challenge of overcoming attachments and fears….because without a doubt….it IS!!!!! The reward is knowing we are powerful and beautiful beyond imagination. 

I extend my hand with compassion to all those in pain and struggling! I KNOW you are powerful beyond words! I KNOW you are divine in nature; I KNOW you are beautiful beyond words. And yet I also know the process of discovering this can seem impossible at times…. 

– Theo


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