Things I have learned from Theo (part 1)


Inspiration. Well this one is obvious. It is pretty much the essential motivator behind this company. Be inspired. Inspire others. Inspire yourself. Inspiration is more than a feeling, it is an art form to be mastered. In the medical dictionary, to inspire means to draw air into the lungs… Inspiration is breathing life into your being. Without it life can be just dead air. Something must drive you to do your best, and to seek out what really energizes you. In time, that driving factor will trigger a change in innumerable facets of your life and you will begin to see that vitality in every action you do. Inherently, that vitality amounts to inner peace and happiness. But peace and happiness start at square one — what inspires you to be happy? What inspires you to make other people happy? Find the answer to these two questions and follow your heart!

And, well, if it’s that sax-y sound that does it for you, then “May our products help you access and express your deepest brilliance & inspiration. May your brilliance & inspiration, in turn, spread to the rest of the world!” -Theo Wanne

Megan Swanland


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