State of Affairs


We are setting an unprecedented pace for musical instrument innovation. Check out our new company video below and keep an eye out for some amazing new products and our brand new web site with new logo, branding, and 8 page brochure later this month.

It has been awhile since I have written a state-of-affairs blog, and it received a wonderful response before. This time around, I will keep it simple and stick with bullet points (at least for most of this blog).

What a ride! It has been just over four years since we introduced our first product. In that time, we have:

  • Acquired millions of website page views
  • Developed a newsletter base of 8000 fans
  • Machined the most precisely sculpted mouthpiece interiors ever in history
  • Made our revolutionary True Large Chambers famous and highly sought after
  • Developed a Professional-Line and Performance-Line of mouthpieces
  • Built a community of 3500 Facebook fans
  • Added 77 videos to our YouTube page
  • Established 140 dealers, distributors and player representatives around the globe
  • Designed and brought to market over 30 mouthpiece models
  • Partnered with one of the very best, state-of-the-art, machines shops in the world
  • Attracted OEM business
  • Grown to 10 employees
  • Published 7 patents, with 4 approved and 3 pending
  • Developed a world renowned resource site
  • Attracted the highest caliber endorsers in the world and developed a world class endorser website to help support each other
  • Added an additional 4-axis and 5-axis machine to our quiver
  • Established exhibition footholds at Winter NAMM USAMusik Messe Frankfurt, and Music China
  • Grown our sales over 100% every year while improving our quality

At Theo Wanne we are making the highest quality and most innovative saxophone and clarinet (wink, wink) mouthpieces, as well as accessories, in the world, bar none! We continue to push the envelope in new, revolutionary and innovative product development because we authentically want you to PLAY better, EXPRESS better, and truly SOUND better!

The most amazing part to me is the incredible friendships around the world that we have been blessed with along the way.

I send a huge thank you to all our wonderful customers, endorsers, fans, advocates, dealers and distributors!

Tom Wanne, CEO
Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces

One Response to “State of Affairs”

  1. Ace Barton Says:

    Theo has changed my life by creating for me a customized DATTA that is the nastiest rock & roll mouthpiece EVER! – and I’ve tried them all. I know rock and blues players are not Theo’s main customer base; but if this piece ever got into the hands of other players like me, they would flock to your website to buy one. (actually, selfishly I hope you don’t market this thing as it gives me a tremendous competitive advantage!)

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