The look on his face – Part 1

In life, sometimes the most important thing is having a place where you feel you belong. Growing up, for me that place was often Snohomish Community Church. Through some of the hardest times in my life, I always knew that people were waiting there who would make me feel welcome and wanted.

Even after I moved away to attend college in Bellingham, WA, that feeling never really abated. Maybe that is why it feels so wonderful to finally be able to give something small back to the place that has meant so much to me though out my life.

When we decided to gift SCC with an AMBIKA, I knew that it would give me a chance to give something back that could benefit the entire church. Hearing Jake, from the worship band, play it, and seeing the look on his face as well as watching peoples’ heads turn from everywhere, in amazement at the pure sound of it, solidified the feeling in my heart that THIS was something that I could do, and that I needed to do, to repay SCC for being such a wonderful part of my life, and a part of my family.

(More details about the big moment when we surprised Jake with the AMBIKA will be shared in part 2 of this blog…. Stay tuned! It’s a good story and involves slapstick comedy!)

Theo, Jake, me and Luke (Music Pastor at SCC)

Family is very important to me, especially since my parents moved across the country about 4 years ago, and when it comes down to it, that’s what we are here at Theo Wanne. We are a family. We can be dysfunctional, random and we can bicker and be overly dramatic at times, but in the end we stick together.

That’s what makes us real people. Not perfect, but real. There’s the exasperated but patient Dad, working to keep us all focused and on task, and teaching us as we go, and the calm and wise older brother, who reins in any drama that erupts and is always there to save the day. There’s the little sister everyone is protective of, but who they are starting to admit can take care of herself. There’s the similar-in-age brother you always argue with, but know deep down that you’ll always have each other’s back, and besides, your contradictory ideas usually end up melding into something much better than the sum of their parts, once you learn to compromise. And there’s the fun-loving uncle, who can almost be one of the kids at times, but when push comes to shove, is the glue who can hold everyone together and gives some of the best advice in the world.

That feeling of belonging and support is what I want everyone to have a chance to feel in their lives, and I hope that we can give some of that feeling to everyone who is welcomed into the Theo Wanne family, from dealers to endorsers to, of course, our customers. We want to welcome you with open arms and make sure that you, too, feel like you belong here. Welcome to the family!

-Elizabeth Wood

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