MANTRA Tenor Saxophone Marks a Favorite Milestone to Date


This has been a truly exciting four and half years. Since our first product launch in August of 2007, we have been growing very fast. We have faced many hurdles and marked many milestones. Ultimately, we have raised the bar in the woodwind mouthpiece market, solidifying our recognition as the highest quality and most innovative.

But, the most exciting milestone for me is the release of our new MANTRA tenor saxophone. It has been many years in the works. From a sales perspective, it has been challenging to watch this project take much longer and cost much more to come together then hoped. Yet,  I understand and support why.

I am glad we held the faith and stuck to our core values. Our first instrument had to be history-changing and truly mark a step up in sound and innovation. I commend Theo and our whole team here for their work.  Theo started with building a saxophone from scratch years ago and then we pursued a research and development project that has been truly impressive. The result is amazing. I couldn’t be more excited. My hats are off to you bro!

We had our first working prototype at NAMM 2012 in January and it’s reception couldn’t have been better. The best part is that the final product being made now will be even better then the prototype we had.  The MANTRA was selected as a Top 50 product at the whole show. This is huge. There was over 95,000 attendees at NAMM, over 1600 exhibitors, and tens of thousands of products.

Music Inc. Top 50 NAMM Band Standouts

Please enjoy one of my favorite press releases and look for the MANTRA’s feature articles in the world renowned publications DownBeat, Jazz Times, and Music Inc.

Tom Wanne, CEO

Press Release

Theo Wanne Enters Instrument Market with History-Changing MANTRA Tenor Saxophone.

Theo Wanne™ Theo has followed his passion for creating the best musical products in history and produced the most advanced saxophone ever made. Just like with his mouthpieces, Theo has married the beauty and best of the old with the precision of the new, resulting in a technologically and audibly superior saxophone. The MANTRA saxophone is the next leap in saxophone evolution, integrating a history-changing number of innovations and features, including a neck that has total vibrational freedom. Nothing is soldered to the neck tube- a revolutionary leap.

Bellingham, WA: March 6th, 2012

The new and revolutionary Theo Wanne saxophone is called, The MANTRA. A mantra is a sound, or group of sounds, that leads the speaker to freedom! The feeling of freedom and full self-expression is what the MANTRA saxophone and its history-changing innovations are designed to produce.

Theo Wanne MANTRA Tenor Saxophone

Critical designs, parts and assembly are done at the Theo Wanne factory in Bellingham, WA USA, and at in NC, USA.  Theo has created a uniquely designed mouthpiece for the MANTRA tenor in-line with its full bodied, huge projecting sound!

The saxophone neck is the most crucial part of a horn’s sound and soul. Theo has applied new concepts to his patent-pending design that have proven to be a quantum leap forward in neck design. His completely redesigned neck tube has nothing soldered to it except at the octave pip, which must be there. It has no keys, guides, or braces soldered to the tube to dampen it. The octave key rides on cartridge ball bearings, and is completely isolated from the neck tube and brace. This is one of over 30 innovations and features.

Revolutionary Neck Brace

Music Inc. Magazine says,  Theo Wanne MANTRA Sax is one of the Top 50 Products from NAMM 2012.

Top 50 Product at NAMM 2012

Just like with saxophone mouthpieces, Theo Wanne has owned and studied every type of vintage and new saxophone. He has combined the huge and beautiful sound of the vintage horns (such as his favorite Conn Chu and Selmer Mark VI saxophones) with the intonation and playability of modern horns. Theo has then applied innovative thinking and advanced technology to create a historically superior saxophone.

Theo Wanne is the eminent world expert on woodwind mouthpieces. The company is respected for its revolutionary products that inspire musicians and is considered the world’s premier woodwind mouthpiece manufacturer. Theo WanneTM is attracting the world’s top musicians, dealers, distributors, and OEM prospects.

You can learn more about Theo WanneTM by watching their new company video, Theo Wanne – Manufacturing and Innovations, or visiting their new website:


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  1. Ace Barton Says:

    Looking forward to seeing a picture of one in vintified finish!

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