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The Musical Drug!

May 29, 2014

“What is the difference between a rocker and a jazzman?    A rocker plays 3 chords in front of 3000 people, where as, a Jazzer plays 3000 chords in front of 3 people.”


I know this is just a joke, but the reason it is funny is because it is often true.   This is something I think about a lot actually.   Obviously it is not the number of chords the bulk of people are listening to, or are interested in.  So what is it that people want to hear?


I was listening to Stanley Turrentine performing ‘Sugar’ Live.  I started to really get lost in listening to his solo…it grabbed me and sucked me in.   Then I realized he had been playing three single notes in various rhythms for quite some time.   I was grooving to three notes being played over and over.  It was the inflections in the notes.  The way he grooved in the rhythm of the notes.   Then later he stuck to one note and just put his soul into it.  These were my favorite phrases in his solo. 

Music has the ability to grab our guts and twist.  It’s not just the notes.   It’s not just a time signature.  It’s the mood the musician is in.  The musician’s soul somehow gets amplified and projected through their music.  We connect to that.  So when the musician is ‘in the pocket’ their audience connects to that.   And everyone loves that!   It brings out the depth of our aliveness inside and lets us experience parts of ourselves otherwise relatively hidden.


Listen to any of the great recordings and you can ‘feel’ this.  The album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis sold more albums than any other until it was outsold by Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.   Listening to Kind of Blue this magic is evident.   No one can argue its greatness….and its not just the notes!   There is a mood and depth to the album.   

Top musician’s dig deep.  In my humble opinion this is what makes a musician great. This je ne sais quoi is what we all want to hear.   I often ask great musicians about the spirituality in their music.  Many can then wax poetic for ages.  But many answer that they are not spiritual people.  But then following that statement they talk about how the music flows through them from something bigger than themselves.  Or how the music seems to play itself the more they get out of the way.  Or how they feel one with the other musicians, etc.  I both want to cry and laugh at these times.  I want to cry because the beauty of what they share so moves me.  And I want to laugh because if that’s not spiritual, then I have no interest in spirituality!

Whatever this experience is, it’s addictive to both the musician and their audience.  Making equipment that helps musicians freely ‘go there’ is my addiction!    In my opinion this is a healthy addiction for all of us.  May we all enjoy being a junky to this kind of musical drug!

Blessings, Theo Wanne



Love is the Answer

April 17, 2011


I feel blessed to have been given the most pure, open, and beautiful of spiritual teachings in a dream last night.

In my dream a king came to me and asked me to follow him. He took me to the home of my spiritual teacher Sri Kaleshwar Swami, sometime in history.

There I saw everyone loving each other and serving each other with such wide open and caring hearts that everyone resonated a peace, a joy, and a bliss I can only call divine.

I saw everyone loving each other, and caring for each other, so completely, that they simply served each other 24/7! Real love is pure, it cares and wants to serve and ‘take care of’. I saw Kaleshwar loving his teacher Shirdi Sai Baba soooo deeply, he was in constant service to him. I saw the king serve Kaleshwar, I saw the wife of the King serve the King. I saw such a beautiful life for all, that I wished too to participate in the love and service.

I saw, clear as day, that love is the answer, because, with it, everything WORKS. No grudges, no upsets, no problems. Love is the greatest protection from negativity.

I also saw was why this is the case. It is because when we love so much we are full ourselves. WE FEEL FULL AND COMPLETE OURSELVES. So no problem really is that big, or meaningful. There is then no need to tear down anyone else, or take from anyone else. In loving others we are full ourselves, and in helping others, others feel fuller too. Love is win/win.

Can you image the entire world loving each other like that? The earth would flourish, governments would flourish, families would flourish. There is no place for grudges, make wrong, or war when that much caring is prevalent.

I love my customers enough to want them to flourish in their music. I want them ‘in’ their inspiration, so that inspiration can fill them, and then spread in their music to others. That love makes my job satisfying. All the money in the world couldn’t give me that. Fixing every perceived problem in my life couldn’t fill me like that. And the more I apply this love to other areas of my life, the more those other areas work. Where I am not applying this love in my life is exactly where my life is not working yet.

I think the greatest illusion is thinking loving is about doing for someone else. REAL love fills US, though. In the act of loving we get filled up with love. It is the ultimate win/win. Love works; Love is the answer; Everyone wins.

I am so incredibly grateful for my dream last night. My heart feels pure and open this morning, and it is THE BEST feeling in the world! Love IS what makes things work!

Playing Divine Music with Master Sha

November 22, 2010

I just had the Divine privilege of playing music with Master Sha again. This was at an amazingly beautiful retreat in the snow capped mountains of Colorado.

Master Sha is an incredible healer, and spiritual teacher. He is the lineage holder of Taoism and along with his teacher, was responsible for containing the Sars epidemic in China. While at the retreat I saw a blind man regain his vision, along with many other miracles.

Master Sha teaches how to open oneself up to the Divine and allow the music to flow through us. He has given me a Divine Download to help open my ‘musical improvisation’ channels, which he calls ‘Soul Music.’ He calls it soul music as it is music which comes from our soul instead of our mind. And that was my experience; I experienced my soul playing the music. My improvisation channel was wide open while playing saxophone and flute. I stepped back inside myself, hearing what the other musicians were playing, and what Master Sha was singing. I then watching the music flow through me, not controlling how my fingers were moving on the keys…..and the experience was Divine! Playing music with a spiritual master like Master Sha is a true blessing! I could feel his deep, DEEP connection to the Divine, which also held the space for my ‘letting go’ into the music.

I now practice opening all my spiritual channels as Master Sha teaches and it is helping me bring Grace in to my life. The more open my channels, the more Grace. I get all important guidance and knowledge in this way too. This includes the designs I make for saxophone mouthpieces. All my designs actually are gifts through these open channels when my mind is empty, or in deep meditation. So I can’t really take credit for them, I give that credit to the Divine.J

It is my belief that we are ALL divine channels, and the gift of learning to open these channels is a huge blessing. I am forever grateful for the experience of the divine playing music through me AND bringing Grace into my personal and business life! So I want to take this opportunity to thank Master Sha and all his students for the wonderful experience I had at the retreat in Colorado. THANK YOU!